Falémé exhibition


FALÉMÉ, 12 years of archaeological research in eastern Senegal

UCAD 2, Dakar, from 27 to 30 November 2023

Few people are familiar with the name of this river, which flows from south to north and empties into the Senegal River on the borders of present-day Mali and Senegal. Yet for several hundred thousand years, the Falémé valley has attracted human populations in search of water, whether for hunting, fishing, livestock farming, agriculture or metallurgy.

Since 2012, an international, interdisciplinary team of archaeologists and palaeoenvironmentalists from Switzerland, France and Senegal has been working to understand the history of settlement in this valley, in relation to variations in climate and the environment.
It is particularly interested in characterising the evolution of techniques over time, from the ancient Palaeolithic (Acheulean) to the present day.

This exhibition uses posters, displays of objects and videos to tell the story of the project's challenges and some of its results.

13 Oct 2023